Bárbara Soto profesora de yoga

Bárbara Soto. Photographer and yoga teacher. She has published her work in several international magazines, published her zines and showed her work in galleries around the world. She earned her degrees as a Yoga Teacher with her master J. Brown and in Anatomy at The Breathing Project, New York. Currently she teaches yoga in Palma, where she keeps developing her photographic projects.

Guillermina Soto periodista

Guillermina Soto. Journalist specialized in cultural communication, she has worked as a curator, corporate and graphic designer for several catalogues and publications.

She is a food, art and nature lover, and in the last years meditation and yoga have become part of her daily routine.


Guillermina Soto periodista

Arturo Sánchez García. Researcher specialized on optimism and hope. Arturo has published academic work on sexuality, rights, masculinities, etc. He has participated in several international meetings and facilitated several collaborative work experiences. He practices yoga since 2004, when it became an integral part of his work on bodies and affects.