In my classes I teach a, gentle, slow paced and breath centered yoga. They are open to all ages and conditions, my goal is that the students learn to discover their own body and breath through movement and self-inquiry.


We´ll explore the asanas (poses) helped by an specific kind of breathing that contributes to move better, feel calm and cultivate a solid ground where we can build our personal practice.


Group classes: if you want to have a weekly routine and you like the group vibes come to one of my weekly classes in Palma.


One-on-one lessons: this is the traditional way of teaching and learning. In these classes we go deep into the fundamentals of the practice, go over your questions and discover yoga from the inside through an ongoing dialogue.


Private group classes: if you have the space in your home and wanna practice with friends, this is your option.



At PM-Acupuntura: Carrer Francisco Rover, 3b  Palma. Mondays and Wednesdays at 9.30


At Nidus39: Carrer Bisbe Maura, 39. Palma

Wednesdays at 19,30

At Centre de Ioga Ca s´Oliba: Carrer de Alaró, 25, Binissalem. Mondays at 17,00  and Fridays at 9.30


At Portals de Yoga: Ctra. de Andratx, 43 local 12, Portals Nous. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18,00


If you´re interested in private instruction, please contact Bárbara at  +34630736596