I started doing yoga in 2004, while I was finishing my Fine Arts degree, in an attempt to deal with a life long anxiety problem. After going to several group classes of different styles and not feeling completely confortable in any of them, I decided to keep on practicing at home by myself.


After many years of practice and study, I met my teacher J. Brown and his gentle approach. With him I discovered a different way to practice that suited my skeptical nature and aversion to dogmas. Thanks to his classes and the study of other similar schools of thought, like Non-dual Classic Tantra, my practice has totally integrated in my life, giving me the strength, calm and stability to develop my projects and carry on with my daily routines.




 “The Recognition Sutras”, 30 hour course about the ancient Tantrik text with Christopher Wallis, in 2018


“Gentle is the New Advanced”,  20 hour workshop with J. Brown, in 2016


 “Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals”, 20 hour course with Lesley Kaminoff and Amy Mathews, The Breathing Project, 2016.


RYT 200 at Abhyasa Yoga Center, with J.Brown, in Brooklyn, New York, completed in January 2015.